Driving communication and innovation between technology entrepreneurs and creative storytellers worldwide is crucial. Winston Baker is at the forefront of fostering such collaborations.
— Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube

2019 Events

2019 Spotlight Initiative Gala Awards Dinner
Presented by The Creative Coalition in Partnership with Winston Baker
Park City, Utah USA
January 26, 2019
For more details: info@winstonbaker.com

11th Annual Entertainment Finance Forum

Presented by Winston Baker
Los Angeles, CA USA
February 27, 2019

11th Annual Content Capital Summit
Presented by Winston Baker
New York, NY USA
April 24, 2019

3rd Annual Immersive Summit
Presented by Winston Baker and Marché du Film
Cannes, FRANCE
May 17, 2019

10th Annual International Film Finance Forum
Presented by Winston Baker
Cannes, FRANCE
May 17, 2019

6th Annual Global Film Industry Value Chain Development Forum
Presented by Motion Picture Association Asia Pacific and Winston Baker
Shanghai, CHINA
June 2019

3rd Annual Script to Screen Summit
Presented by Winston Baker
Toronto, CANADA
September 6, 2019

6th Annual Zurich Summit
Presented by Winston Baker and the Zurich Film Festival
September 28-29, 2019

3rd Annual Confluence Summit
Presented by Winston Baker
San Francisco, CA USA
October 24, 2019

Dates are subject to change.
More events will be announced as part of our exciting lineup!
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The ideation and execution of The Confluence Summit was simply, timely and brilliant. The Winston Baker team took their expertise in the world of film finance summits and boldly and confidently, planted a well-placed flag in Silicon Valley as if to say let’s connect the worlds of tech and entertainment now. The panels and guest speakers appealed to both the entertainment and tech communities and giants in both sectors. All of the attendees can’t wait for the 2nd Annual Confluence Summit.
— Shirley Davis, Executive Vice President of Alcon Entertainment