Why Alicia Vikander is a Modern Day Hero On-Screen and Behind the Scenes

With all that’s been happening in Hollywood, we wanted to highlight one of our female speakers who has taken a stand on diversity in the entertainment industry.  Alicia Vikander, who recently spoke at Zurich Summit about the importance of women’s rights and inclusion, will be playing the role of Lara Croft in the much anticipated 2018 release of Tomb Raider. Much like her character in the film, Alicia Vikander is intelligent, ambitious, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

While on-screen, Alicia can be found sporting a bow and arrow, off-screen, her most powerful weapon is her talent. Last year, not only did Alicia win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, but she also established her own production company Vikarious Productions, to ensure female representation at the forefront of all her projects. The company recently released its first film, Euphoria which was full of female talent on both sides of the camera - including Alicia Vikander herself as well as actress Eva Green and award-winning director Lisa Langseth. But, despite Alicia’s work to give women more opportunities on set, her fight to give women a voice doesn’t stop there.


Another powerful weapon Alicia carries with her is her public influence - her ability to speak out for those who can’t. Last week, Alicia signed a letter exposing sexual abuse in the Swedish industry, standing up for not only her friends in the industry, but also victims of sexual abuse around the world. (Newsflash: The problem isn’t just in Hollywood!) Luckily, Alicia has no problem fighting against the bad guys - just like Lara Croft. Thanks Alicia for all your hard work, you truly are a modern-day hero!